Accessories Audi Q7 4M, Restyling (2019 - present)

Accessories Audi Q7 4M, Restyling (2019 - present)

Spare parts, spare parts and accessories Audi Q7 4M, Restyling (2019 - present)

If The Audi Q7 is a vehicle SUB of luxury that is part of the segment And, with a capacity for four or five adults. This vehicle underwent a restilización in the year 2019.

History of the Audi Q7 4M Restyling

The Audi Q7 4 M is a car-type suv. Before experiencing this restilización in 2019 this model of SUV has had two generations. The first of them is the Audi Q7 (4L) and the second one called Audi Q7 (4M).

This is the model from Audi is now on sale. The Audi Q7 4 M restilizado is characterized by being a luxury SUV that has great security and a very carefully designed.

Design of the Audi Q7 4M Restyling

In 2019 the German firm announced that the Q7 is launched, redesigned both aesthetic and technical level. After this review of the vehicle is added aspects such as the LED headlights Matrix HD that could provide for additional, as well as the option of choosing the technology hybrid mild-Hybrid).

At the design level, the car incorporates a grill Singleframe that presents an octagonal shape, as well as six vertical columns that are responsible of giving the structure of the car.

Another of the aspects that have been renewed in this restilización is the one that is responsible for performing the control knobs incorporating two large screens.

In addition to the other of the additional options that are offered after this review from the German firm was able to set up the vehicle with an anti-roll bar, active electro-mechanical to provide further stabilization to the car to the toughest terrain. You can also choose the vehicle with adjustable air suspension.

The engine of the Audi Q7 4M

Audi this Q7 both version petrol as well as diesel version. In this respect in the petrol models, we find these possibilities:

  • 3.0 TFSI
  • 3.6 FSI
  • 4.2 FSI

Audi Audi Q7 diesel are the following:

  • 3.0 TDI
  • 4.2 TDI
  • V12 TDI

Audi Q7 4 M hybrid

The Audi Q7 launched a version e-tron this vehicle also in 2019, tratántose of a hybrid car with the format Plug-in series. It is a car that has three driving modes. On the one hand, the "EV” to use the car for an experience of electric driving. The second option is the "hybrid” and the third is the "mode baterry hold" which is in charge of separating the energy., your store of spare parts and accessories for Audi Q7 4M, Restyling (2019 - present) in Madrid.

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