Eight parking sensors


Kit of eight parking sensors and universal, valid for any vehicle.

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Kit of eight parking sensors and universal, valid for any vehicle. The sensors are the color of the picture but can be painted the color of the vehicle without problems. It is preferable to do it with a Spray once in the source color model of the vehicle.

This system consists of 8 ultrasonic sensors and a small control module with a display. Works so that calculated distances, sending and receiving signals and giving notice through the screen, showing the distance and sounding. Mounting with 4 sensors front and 4 sensors in the rear bumper or directly on the rear or on the front.

The system can detect and indicate the distance of obstacles located behind the vehicle and is very useful for assistance in certain maneuvers and situations of reduced visibility or as a parking aid.

The installation of the system is very simple, it is possible to make without problems in a short time without the need of knowledge of mechanics. You just have to do the holes in the defense to a floor height of about 50cm and separated equidistantly and place the sensors that will be connected to the switchboard. The screen connects to the ecu, which in turn takes the power from the reverse light. In this way, the kit is activated when you put this up and remove it, the kit stops ringing. While that doesn't get the reverse gear, the kit remains disabled, thereby preventing any consumption. The kit will sound when it detects something that is less than 1.5 meters. When the sensors detect the obstacle, the kit will display the distance on the display and beep (bip bip bip). The closer the obstacle, it will sound more consistently (beep beep beep), until beeping constantly when we are less than 30cm (biiiiiiip).

The kit includes everything needed for the installation:

- 8 Sensors White

- Screen

- Screen with speaker

- Drill bit for the holes for the sensors

- Control panel connection and wiring

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Eight parking sensors