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PedalBox DTE Systems acceleration by which you will get new sensations at the wheel, increasing the yield by between 15 and 20% in Sport mode and optimizing consumption in Eco mode (several different settings) The Pedal Box DTE Systems installed in the accelerator in such a way that collects the signal and changes depending on the configuration that you want to give.

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DTE Systems®

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PedalBox App

The PedalBox App allows the variation of the injection times with different modes configurable by the user using the roulette controller and the APP to expand the performance of the engine and adjust it to the maximum to the requirements of each driver.

The electronic pedal, conmunmente called Pedal Box or GasPedal from DTE-Systems allows us to increase the response of the engine or reduce consumption through their programs that every user can choose easily from the remote controller. This device is ideal for drivers demanding that they want to maximize the performance of your vehicle. The pedal box does not exert any modification on the pressure of the turbo so it does not deteriorate the engine nor does it affect the life of the same.

How do we install the PedalBox App DTE Systems?

The installation of the PedalBox App is very easy and quick. You can do it yourself at home without the need of technical knowledge. The steps to install the PedalBox App are:

  • 1-Then the engine and leave it stand for 10 minutes.
  • 2-Connect the ecu of electronic pedal into the connector on the accelerador and we'll post it in an area that does not disturb.
  • 3-Paste the roulette controller near the sapicadero, in some place where do not disturb and this to the scope of the driver to change the driving modes.

As we can see in less than 15 minutes our PedalBox App DTE will be installed and working.

Each PedalBox App DTE-Systems is designed and programmed for each vehicle and engine market. Also will the connectors specific to your model of car. It is very important to indicate your car model when ordering to be able to configurarle the GasPedal. If you have not done do not worry, one of our technicians will contact you.

Programs available in the PedalBox App

The German manufacturer DTE Systems has created different modes of operation of the Pedal BOX to better suit the requirements of each driver. We will have several programs where we get more response from the engine and within each of them we will be able to refine more or less the response of the accelerador. Quite an achievement of engineering on the part of DTE Systems.

The differences between the various DTE-Systems®:

  1. DTE Boostrpro: 25% more power, 10% savings in fuel.
  2. DTE Power Control: 25% more power, 10% savings fuel 5 maps of power.
  3. DTE Power Control X: App, 30% more power, 15% fuel economy and smart-chip.
  4. DTE Power Control RX: App 30% more power, 15% fuel economy, smart-chip, and adjustment of maps.
  5. PedalBox App: modified accelerator travel
  6. COMBINATION: PedalBox App+PowerControl: when what you want is to have a higher power with a better response. Product highly recommended.

Specialists in PEDALBOX APP, any doubt contact us.

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