Detector and detector radar mobile and fixed for BMW 8 Series G15 Coupé (2018 - present)


Detector radar mobile and fixed-compatible with BMW 8 Series G15 Coupé (2018 - present), fully portable. Take it from car to car. Easy to install (suction on glass) and easy to connect (the cigarette lighter). Detects all frequencies of the radar, even the new ones that has taken the DGT. You will not be able to travel if he. Finally, you can go quiet on the road without fear of fines unexpected. Bands that detects (actually they are all of them): KA, and K, MTR (multaradar CD, and CT, Expense or also called multicarril)

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Detector radar mobile cheap for BMW 8 Series G15 Coupé (2018 - present)

Radar Detector portable for BMW 8 Series G15 Coupé (2018 - present) of maximum accuracy and without false alarms. Brand "Genevo", model "One M". It has two functions: on the one hand by the base of GPS data will tell us about fixed speed cameras and on the other hand, thanks to its antenna detector, we beep when we run up to a mobile radar. Undoubtedly, an invention that can not miss in our car. ONLY SELLING TO SPAIN, PORTUGAL AND ANDORRA.

The installation of the detector mobile radar for BMW 8 Series G15 Coupé (2018 - present) is very simple. Just have to put the suction cups on the glass and bend the pins to achieve a horizontal position. Once this is done, you just have to connect the cable to the cigarette lighter of the vehicle. As simple as that. Always leave the detector Genevo One M connected to the vehicle so that when we start up automatically turn on only. When the Genevo One M detects the presence of a radar, this will beep with more intensity as we get closer and closer. If change is a fixed radar, detector, we notify you via GPS.

The main functions of the detector Genevo One M:we have All tried the radar detectors cheap from Aliexpress but none have worked well. Always the same problems: either booed by the fault of the false alarms, or did not detect the radar with sufficient advance notice. Thanks to the technology developed by Genevo, it has achieved a antenna and a filter capable of detecting the mobile radars with sufficient advance notice and without just giving false alarms. Without a doubt, one technological achievement.

  • -Location of fixed speed cameras via GPS (free updates on the web)
  • -Location of cameras, lights and radars of stretch (free updates on the web)
  • -Location of mobile speed cameras using antenna detector. Long sensing distance and with almost no false alarms.
  • -Screen display.
  • -Valid for Spain, Portugal and Andorra.
  • -Setup Menu.
  • -Free updates.
  • -Current model.

The installation is simple, just connect the cigarette lighter and put the detector at the moon through the vents which have.

Highly recommended product by AUDIOLEDCAR.

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