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Glass cleaner car

We think that with the crystals of our vehicle just to pass the windshield wipers when we have dirt or some element that we can not bother us in the conduct are sufficient, but the answer is no.

We must keep in mind that many times when we spent the wipers to remove anything, the item surely is fully dry, and bacteria. Passing the windshield wipers, the only thing that will get you damage the moon, crystals and even, and oddly enough the painting itself of the vehicle with the movement of the cleaner, we can scratch and ruin the finish of the vehicle.

That's why, in Audioledcar we wanted to create a specific category for the care and maintenance of the crystals of our vehicles in cleaning and finishing.

If you are looking kits, basic cleaning, and even professional detailing in your car, these are the must-haves, their brands SISBRILL, KENOTEK, CHEMICAL GUYS , and a small description that will help you with the decision of what is best for you.

Products outstanding cleaning crystals for car:

-MICROFIBER ultra soft: it Is the perfect complement to apply our cleaning products and leave the car as straight from the dealer. You can use it both indoors and outside. The brand of this product is SISBRILL.

-WIPES RESTORATION OF HEADLIGHTS: If you want to have a few lighthouses as the first day, we recommend the use of this product SISBRILL. By following a few simple steps and in only 15 minutes, you'll get the best of results in your headlights.

-FOAM YELLOW to APPLY TO CLEANING PRODUCTS: a new tool to be essential if what you want is to have a cleaning kit complete. Can be used both indoor and outdoor to apply products both in paint, glass, tires, etc, This product belongs to the brand of SISBRILL.

-WATER REPELLENT FOR GLASS – AQUAOUT: This product is known for its simplicity in terms of their application and for the duration of the same. You can get to seal his moon up to six months, with only spray and spend a microfiber. Brand product from CHEMICAL GUYS.

-Glass CLEANER GLASS CLEANER - CHEMICAL GUYS: Product easy to apply; it is characterized because when you spray it, it dissolves the dirt without leaving any traces. Belongs to the range of products from CHEMICAL GUYS.

-Windshield washer CONCENTRATE: Simply pour the product in the tank of windshield wipers, we will be able to have a pipe cleaner and some results of ten. Forget about mosquitoes and say hello to the new formula that will prevent the dirt with this new product from the brand CHEMICAL GUYS.

-CLAROLUX window CLEANER: Looking for the results as a professional, at an affordable price? SISBRILL gives you the opportunity to have it with this new product. The clear example that you don't need to spend a lot of money into a product of professional quality.

-WASHER WITH insect REPELLENT: Who isn't fed up of the rain drops will remain permanently in your glasses? Tranquility, SISBRILL has the solution and it is this new and innovative product that contains insect repellent, so that you enjoy a safe driving and especially quiet without those drops bothering you.

-ANTI-INSECT: Known by our customers and the star product for sale online and in store. Forget about the insects with our product KENOTEK with just spray the product on your crystals.

-GLASS CLEANER: Product recommended by KENOTEK due to non-availability of any item with ammonia. Before you start using the product, we must make sure that the glass does not have any element that could damage, scratching the glass. Once you have sprayed the product, we will remove with the help of a role of absorption.

You have doubts? Here we explain in more detail You have doubts?

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