What material are the tuition fees?

Methacrylate, material that best withstand wear caused by the incidents of the sun's rays and hit by other cars.

Do all the cars have to carry number plates?

Yes. By law, all vehicles must carry registration.

What files are needed to make a registration on your website?

The permit circulation and the ID card on both sides.

How the price is only for tuition or for two?

The price is per unit.

What license plates of your website compliant?

Yes. Conform to the european regulations.

What license plates of your website is approved?


Can I customize the tuition?


How long is the tuition?

The extent of our license plates are the standard, adhering to the law.

-Registration standard: 520cm x 11cm

-Tuition small: 34cm x 11cm

How tuition fees are likely to get wet?

Yes. They are resistant to pressure washing.