How do I know which bulbs inside it takes my car?

We normally recommend to the client that you see in the vehicle handbook that type of cap carries the light bulb. It almost always appears in the section of lighting in the vehicle interior. Or but the other option you have is to dismount the ceiling inside front, rear, trunk, and see the type of socket.

Always going to see the light bulb physically, it is necessary to measure since in many cases we have different measures.

I want to put soffit led; what are approved?

Our soffit tuition are fully approved by the certificate E-Mark.

So, when you pass the ITV, don't worry they are fully approved.

How do I know that plafonds of tuition are the ones that I need?

To have in mind that product is the valid, you must put in the magnifying glass of our website, the word mark and soffits for example: (Peugeot 206)

We have to take into account the years of the vehicle.

How do you give what year is my car?

If you want to know what year is your vehicle, just with the technical look down to the year of enrollment.

I want to put leds in the antinieblas, What I need to know? What of the ITV?

If you want to put led in your antinieblas the first thing you should know is the socket of the bulb that carries serial, or by the manual of the car or removing the bulb and seeing physically.

Do not pass the MOT. If you are not carrying led series, does not pass the MOT.

Does the intermittent dynamic type-approved?

The intermittent dynamic are approved with the certificate of E-Mark.

So if you pass the MOT.

What models of eyes angel I've been in my BMW?

To know what kind of eyes angel takes, you must get web and look at the particular model that BMW takes you.