Carpet trunk premium for Kia Sorento I - With ears (2002-2009)


Purchase your carpet trunk Kia Sorento I - With ears (2002-2009), made of rubber , and fully compatible with your car. Without a doubt, a product highly recommended to protect the trunk of our car without losing elegance because it is a premium product and made-to-measure. In addition to their soft vanilla aroma neutralizes the smell of rubber. We recommend to combine it with mats of rubber as for Audi A3. Look in the category of rugs and find yours.


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As always, in Audioledcar we opted for the design and quality, on this occasion, the trunks of rubber for Kia Sorento I - With ears (2002-2009) are the highest quality on the market, with an adaptation exceptional, since they work with original patterns, that is to say, the protector has the same shape of the trunk.

What material is made of the trunk of rubber Kia Sorento I - With ears (2002-2009)?

The trunk of rubber is made of rubber eco friendly, a recycled material and 100% recyclable, thanks to his great advancement in technology, without a doubt, the trunk of rubber is a safe option when choosing a protector of quality and long-lasting, choose boot rubber for our vehicle has a multitude of advantages, first of all, we protect our vehicle from dirt at the same time that we improve our quality of life, and that cleaning it is much more simple, we just need to shake it and apply a little soap and water, getting a quick result and effective, therefore, if we live in areas of the field or beach, will get to keep the upholstery safe from the dirt.

Another advantage to acquire the Trunk of rubber for Kia Sorento I - With ears (2002-2009) is the technology free-smell, which ensures a pleasant scent of vanilla, as opposed to other brands in the market with the smell of plastic so little nice.

For this reason, the boot and rubber is useful to use both particular (suitcases, trolleys, shopping bags, accessories for the beach or mountain, skis, bicycles...) as well as for your professional use (Tools, solvents, paints, sand, building materials or automotive, oils...)

How to choose the right model of trunk rubber for my vehicle?

In this case, we must take into account several options, first choose the brand, model and year of the vehicle, for this we have a search engine on the web, then you need to choose the position of the base of the trunk, the vehicle may have various positions of the base of the trunk, usually three, the first one would be unique position (when you only have one option), the second high position (if our trunk has two options, the option with the base to a greater height, usually flush with the trunk) and the third and last position low (if our trunk we have two options, the lowest position, the more depth of trunk does not give).

What are the advantages of a trunk of rubber against universal one?

When choosing a protector boot specific we are ensuring that our trunk is fully protected against any possible spills or soiling, to be specific, we will not leave any void-free, thus avoiding damage to the upholstery is original, in addition to the shape of the bucket, we make sure that any liquid or dirt is trapped in one's own protector, avoiding yes that reach the walls or upholstery of the vehicle.

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