Bulb T20 White - W21W - 7440

  • bulb t20 white
  • bulb t20 white
  • bulb t20 white
  • bulb t20 white
bulb t20 white
  • bulb t20 white
  • bulb t20 white
  • bulb t20 white
  • bulb t20 white

Bulb t20 white car or motorcycle. Ideal to install as a light day DRL also known as daytime running light. Completely legal.

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Bulb W21W White

Bulb t20 white car. Easy to install, simply remove old bulb and put new one, as simple as that.

Valid for all cars on the market. Not da fault of light cast up and give a whitish light. Examples of cars that have installed the light bulb t20 white light daytime running DRL and have not given any kind of problem: Audi A3, Audi A4, Seat Exeo, Audi TT, Opel Insignia...

  • Price per unit.
  • Power: 21W
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Brand: ZesfOr

Installation light bulbs t20 white car

To install the bulb t20 white as daylight, just have to remove the old and put the new one on. To do this, open the bonnet, remove the headlight cover and according to that model of car, we will have to remove the cap of the light bulb a half-turn or pulling.

Once you have the socket that holds the bulb out of the headlight, remove the old bulb. We will post the new in the same way that we have removed the old one.

Before inserting the new bulb t20 white in the lighthouse, will give the lights of the car to make sure that it works correctly. NOTE: the majority of cars when we cross off this type of daytime running light, if not light, check that it is daytime and you are not the lights of crossing given.

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