Battery car range Premium 44AH - Mutlu®

Battery car of 44AH with a boot capacity of 400 brand Mutlu®. Position of the positive terminal to the right. Estimated weight 11 kg. Measures: 175x175x190. A battery-Premium range with a guarantee of Audioledcar. MUTLU® is the manufacturer of batteries of the main brands of cars like BMW, Mercedes etc

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  • LO44040A
  • Mutlu

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Battery car 44AH

Battery car 44AH and with a boot capacity of 400. The batteries MUTLU® are the batteries that include a series the majority of vehicles on the market. Are battery premium range that is characterized by being sealed at 100%, have plate Punch and the plaza is not expanded. In summary, one of the best batteries in the world market to equip our vehicles. Ideal for all types of environments and cars: cold, heat, humidity etc

How do you know when to change the battery of our car?

Very simple, if at the start we see that he loses force, or that after a week stopped the car, does not have sufficient power to boot means that our battery is to change. The ideal is that the substitute before you run thrown in the middle of a trip or returning from work. To change the battery of a car is relatively simple but if you don't know in any workshop you can do so at a time.

How do you know which battery to choose in a car/tourism?

We have to take into account several factors very simple:

1-If our car IF you have Start Stop:

  • If our car has start stop, that is to say, the traffic lights are for and it turns on automatically, then we will have to install a battery called AGM Start Stop. Only we have to fix if it is 70, 80 or 95 AH and choose our own. Are much more expensive than conventional but they do not carry acid and the stamina they have is much greater. You can find this product on our website in the section on AGM Batteries.

2-If our car doesn'T have Start Stop then there are two types of cars and batteries:

  • -Conventional cars: of all the life that used conventional batteries. This product that you are looking at is a car battery 44 AH , and is the product you should buy if your car is conventional. We only have to set the Amp Hour (44, 62, 74, 80, or 100) and if it has the positive terminal on the left or right (to know which is the positive terminal to look at the battery in front, where you will see the sticker of the same, looking at photos). For these cars there is a Premium range of batteries of the brand Mutlu that you can find in this website. This premium brand is recommended for very cold areas or with high humidity.
  • -Car Asian / Japanese: they carry some batteries are different and can be found in the section of asian. To buy a we will fix in few Ampere Hour need (45, 70 or 90) and if it takes the positive terminal in the right position, or left (to know which is the positive terminal to look at the battery in front, where you will see the sticker of the same, looking at photos). You can find a section of car batteries Japanese on our website.

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